SmartAqua - mobile and web apps for digitally recording field data on water losses in water supply and drainage systems, and for organizing leak repairs

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SmartAqua is the best tool
for efficiently recording fieldwork and data

Recording leak inspections
(registered and unregistered)

During field inspections, field crews in charge of finding leaks can immediately mark the location of the specific leak on a map, along with other info and the photo of the location, using mobile devices. Collected data is INSTANTLY available to maintenance departments in charge of planning repairs.

Citizens can also use the app as a customized solution, which enables them to report issues them selves, and thus to help in prompt problem solving.

Recording data on infrastructure assets (manholes, hydrants, etc.)

All fieldworkers who visit and check the system on a regular basis can quickly and effortlessly record data on dozens of locations a day (thousands of locations a year).

For example, the data on panes, water meters, hydrants, latches, etc.

All data can then be easily integrated into existing GIS solutions.

Recording water meter replacement

During a regular water meter replacement, all the necessary information, data and multimedia, is recorded with a mobile app.

Over a five-year period, this will create an entirely digitized water meter system, with accurate data and meter location.

Recording data on leak repairs

Team leader in charge of the execution of repairs, inspects and records leaks on site.

He can take a photo of the location of the excavation (and completed repairs), record its spatial position (GPS), and submit the record to an online GIS.

At this point the data is ready for integration with the master GIS used in the company and / or for further statistical processing, eg calculation of indicators according to IWA methodology.

Repairs on water supply system - SmartAqua

About Us

SmartAqua is a solution designed by companies Smart Cloud and Aqua Libera

Smart Cloud is a company that implements innovative solutions for spatial data management , based on the latest generation of geoinformatic technologies, such as the GIS Cloud platform, their regional partner.

By digitizing, analyzing and visualizing data, customers are provided with a digital visual representation of the entire infrastructure in one place, which is the basis for informed decision-making and monitoring of business processes.

Aqua Libera is a consulting company operated by Jurica Kovač, an expert on water loss in public water supply systems.

Jurica Kovač has been working for 22 years in the field of technologies, methodologies and strategies on reducing water losses and issues related to management of public water supply systems.

He is a key figure in many projects related to the preparation and implementation of water loss control, associated staff training, equipment selection, development of action strategies, etc. In 2014 he was named an honorary member of the International Water Association - IWA Fellow, for his results in promoting the IWA methodology in the region. (IWA-International Water Association)

During the period from 2016 to 2018 he has been elected Secretary of the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group and, since May 2018, has been active as a member of the Management Board of the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group. More about IWA at:

SmartAqua works in the GIS Cloud environment
as Software as a Service (SaaS)

SmartAqua - mobile and web apps for digitally recording field data on water losses in water supply and drainage systems, and for organizing leak repairs

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